Emergency Response Service (AERS)  

1. Personal Emergency Response system
Provides instant response for any
emergency anytime, anywhere,
any situation where pre arranged rescuers
with GPS, whatsapp, photos, SMS etc
will be on the way to help f
rom heart
attacks to kidnappings with just two clicks
on the mobile phone.

2. Monitoring system
It allows remote monitoring of
staff/Children/aged parents etc


To test the system
The page is defaulted to User ID 
testjoanne" &  password  "12341234"
for non registered subscribers.
Click the 
to proceed to next page
to confirm and click more    buttons to confirm.

Under test mode, system will send a
test whatsapp "emergency" message to
60182601477, send sms
 and emails to
us with GPS, and messages.

We become your test "rescuers".
You can chat with us.





Click Click
  in a real Emergency or under Test 


User's name name City/township     User's ID     Password Country monitored  








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